Old Cottage Csarda river-restaurant

The “Old Cottage Csarda” river-restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade. Traditional specialties, prepared in a modern way in a modern open kitchen, is an excellent choice for a family and business lunch, and the very view from the restaurant of the Confluence and Belgrade Fortress is worthy of “a million dollars”.

Handmade, prepared with love

The “Old Cottage Csarda” river-restaurant’s menu consists of sea and freshwater fish specialties, as well as dishes of meat, prepared respecting the taste of the lovers of the national cuisine. Grilled salmon in teriyaki sauce with Granny Smith apples will especially be to your taste with a salad or a good wine. No matter which dish you may choose, be it seafood or barbecue food, it is the Restaurant’s recommendation that, after the meal, you should take hot pancakes with apples in caramel sauce. Dog’s tooth fish and sea bass prepared in the “Croatian way”, “Csarda” veal with chestnuts and dried tomatoes, chocolate soufflé or the hazelnut pie are the restaurant’s specialties.
The freshwater fish prepared at the restaurant is brought by Belgrade fishermen on a daily basis. The Chef, Pavle Sretković, especially singles out fish soup from the menu. Handmade ayvar roast pepper spread, salads and delicatessen sausages are also made in the Cottage’s kitchen. A special attention is dedicated to serving, so that the table groaning with food is both pleasing to the eye and looks like the most beautiful photos.

Apart from the sophisticated cuisine, the restaurant also offers a unique experience of “touching” the Belgrade rivers. It is situated at the very confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, in thick green shrubs. While staying at the Cottage, you have a feeling that you are far away from civilization, surrounded by the serenity and sounds of nature. You will be able to have a full view of the famous Great War Island – a unique nature reserve, the realm of birds and plants. Yet, the Capital’s downtown is only “a step” away from you. That is the unique charm of the Cottage: the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, a view of the historical core of Belgrade, swaying poplar trees and willows, flying birds, the reed roof in the form of a dome descending towards the water. All is natural and yet luxurious. The timbre-designed interior gives the ambience warmth, and its water location – a distinct romantic trait. Smaller weddings and celebrations, business meetings, lunches, banquets etc. can all be organized at the restaurant. Celebrations are organized by a team of professionals – quite imaginative, offering a variety of unique solutions to events that remain remembered.

The “Old Cottage” markedly architecturally singles out: at the same time, it reminds us of the czardas of Vojvodina, Indonesian lake dwellings, or those in Bali or somewhere deep inside Africa… Its unique ambience in synergy with the kitchen masters completely captivates guests. Don’t miss to gain an experience of the most beautiful part of Belgrade – a city on the rivers – at the Cottage.

Tanja Marković
Photo. Stara Koliba/Old Cottage