An Irig heavenly story

Irig is a God-given environment for hedonists, not only because of its exquisite wines and wineries, the beauties of Fruška Gora Mount in the center of which it lies, or because of the abundant interesting places in its environment: the monasteries of Fruška Gora, Vrdnik Banja spa, the ethno-villages of Vrdnička kula, Perkov salaš, the lakes of Međeš and Šelevrenac…

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The home of our language and the soldier’s resting place

A weekend in Loznica: The most famous person from this region is Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, the Serbian language and script reformer. The victorious battles “Drina Operation” were fought on the nearby Cer and Gučevo mountains. Royal Koviljača Spa is the pride of the town, and the Drina River is the thread that connects all...

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BelGuest Magazine

BelGuest is a high-quality seasonal tourist magazine, issued continually since 2001. The National Tourism Organization of Serbia is our main partner. The BelGuest Magazine’s primary aim is to promote the tourist, culture & event offer of the main Serbian cities – Belgrade, Novi Sad & Niš. In our articles, travelogues and interviews we cover a broad range of topics: from the presentation of cultural heritage, via thematic tourist routes and excursions, all the way to the “little things that matter“, such as souvenirs, wines and food.

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