Heritage of Egypt: Journey of the Holy Family, Churches and Monasteries

On the occasion of Christmas celebrated on December 25th around the world and January 7th in Egypt and Serbia. Ambassador of Egypt to Serbia, HE Amr Aljowaily, organized unique cultural event at the Temple of Saint Sava, presenting orthodox heritage of Egyptian church.

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Ambassadors of quality service

On December 17th in the Belgrade hotel Crowne Plaza, at the exclusive Gala dinner for hoteliers, members of the hotel industry from all over Serbia, their business friends, high officials and distinguished guests from around the world... will gather, respecting all epidemiological measures.

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Myths Old and New

Poslednje nedelje avgusta, pozorišna publika imala je priliku da isprati treći po redu Viminacium fest u organizaciji Centar za kulturu grada Požarevca i Arheološkog parka Viminacium.

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I choose Serbia

As part of the Avalski toranj tourist complex, NTOS officially opened an extensive outdoor photo exhibition on May 15th and announced a new campaign under the slogan "I choose Serbia".

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BelGuest Magazine

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