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Belgrade Tourism Fair 2020

February 17th, 2020|Events|0 Comments

From 20th to 23rd February visitors of the Belgrade Tourism Fair will be able to choose attractive holidays in the summer season, skiing and relaxation in mountain centers and spas, always topical spa-weekends, or exotic, far destinations… The partner country of this year’s Fair is Egypt.

Good Service Ambassadors 2019

December 19th, 2019|Events|0 Comments

The local “Oscars” - a renowned award of the Serbian hotel industry - were presented at the gala dinner on December 17th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Belgrade. The event was organized by the Tourist World magazine. A total of fourteen awards were presented. Grand Hotel Tornik at Zlatibor was named Hotel of the Year

Special Features

  • Bathing in water and in the air

    The main promoters of Sokobanja are its guests, who – by using the oldest and the most reliable “marketing tool”, i.e. conveying one’s own experiences by “word of mouth” – testify to the benefits they have received during their stay in Sokobanja.

  • The Blue Train – A New Star of Serbian Tourism

    This is how Marshal Tito travelled

    The Republic Day, November 29th, was considered as the most important public holiday in the former Socialist Yugoslavia. This year, on exactly that date, the first group of tourists started a journey, travelling by Tito’s “Blue Train” from Belgrade to “Užice Republic”.

  • Bojan Pavlović, director of the City Tourism Organization of Kragujevac

    Both the first & the fourth

    The City of Kragujevac is the first capital of the new-century Serbia. In it, the first court, the first grammar school, the first theater… were established, and the Serbian industry was born in this city. The Monument to the Pupils and Teachers Executed by Firing Squad and the “Fića” automobile are its symbols.

  • Serbian souvenirs

    Old crafts & souvenirs of Serbia

    In cooperation with the “Belgrade Waterfront” company, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia has for a longer time now been organizing thematic exhibitions in the open air, in a nice-looking and inspiring space of the Sava Promenade – a promenade on the very riverbank of the Sava.

  • Wool Art

    Warmth from Zlatibor

    As early as in the 1960s, Stanimirka Golubović realized that she could feed her family by making her nice-looking handicrafts. She followed the example of the jumpers made in nearby Sirogojno, which became a world brand.

  • RARA Ana Brdarac

    RARA Creates with Threads

    A poncho eaten by moths introduced Ana Brdarac, an economist by profession, to the world of weaving. In the workshop “Snovatica” in Zaječar, she learnt all the “commandments” of the patterns and techniques from the Bible of weaving. Today, amazing handicrafts are created in her workshop RARA, in a fairytalelike village of Donja Kamenica.

  • A Phenix Underneath the Pyramid

    Rtanj Mountain is one of the rare landscapes where Ramona “phenix” flower grows. Recently, an elegant boutique-hotel has been opened underneath the riddling summit of Rtanja in the shape of a regular pyramid – inspired both by the name and the content by the resurrecting plant.

  • Kablar

    From lowlands to craggy areas

    Anyone who wishes at one moment to discover Serbia either by hiking or riding a bike will find all the important pieces of information in this well-thought out and precisely arranged guidebook: the difficulty of the trail, the time needed to conquer it, the type of the surface, the altitude differences from the start to the finish...

  • Sopotnica Waterfalls Monument of Nature

    The Sopotnica waterfalls are located on the western slopes of Mt. Jadovnik, close to the town of Prijepolje. In just 3.5 km of its flow, this picturesque mountain river creates a large number of waterfalls due to the significant differences in the heights between its highest spring and its confluence with the river Lim.

  • Fishermen’s Square

    An Irig heavenly story

    Irig is a God-given environment for hedonists, not only because of its exquisite wines and wineries, the beauties of Fruška Gora Mount in the center of which it lies, or because of the abundant interesting places in its environment: the monasteries of Fruška Gora, Vrdnik Banja spa, the ethno-villages of Vrdnička kula, Perkov salaš, the lakes of Međeš and Šelevrenac…

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