Representative premises, representative place

Two days before the ceremony with which  the year of Novi Sad as the European Capital of Culture begins, a new tourist info center was opened. It is located in the epicenter of the old town, on Freedom Square, in the premises where the McDonald’s restaurant has been located. At the opening, Mayor Miloš Vučević addressed the guests, saying: “As soon as I found out that the company McDonald’s made the decision to operate differently, I immediately initiated that the Tourism Organization should get this premises, because there are no more such representative locations owned by the city. This is a super attractive location and we have invested a lot in reconstruction. TONS contributes  substantially to the promotion of Novi Sad.”

The director of TONS, Branislav Knežević, who was conducting the project of designing the new premises addressed the audience too: “With great pleasure, and I can say with a still present dose of disbelief that we are here. I want to greet you all from our new headquarters. After ten years, we have returned to where we belong, to our central square, to Freedom Square! The new multifunctional office space primarily consists of a reception area for tourists and visitors, which is adorned with a contemporary designed shelfs on which our publications are distributed, some publications have been translated into as many as 17 languages. Here  one can find redesigned, but also new specially designed publications: 52 Weekends in Novi Sad, Novi Sad for beginners and the Cultural and Tourist Guide with which we are entering the year as the European Capital of Culture. Also, in the info center there is an interactive wall on which visitors can write their impressions of the city.

Within the Info center there is a conference hall. We have 900 square meters on three levels – on the ground floor is the Info Center and the conference room, and on the other two floors our development and promotion sector are located. ”