The World of Intriguing Wine Experiences

Wanting to offer something new to the guests and inhabitants of Novi Sad, or at least to present the wine experience in a different way, the TO of Novi Sad have created six wine routes and literally presented all the wineries in the City’s closer or farther surrounding area.

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The Capital of Wine Serbia

It is not only that the oldest written document about the winegrowing Župa originates from the end of the 12th century, but the only museum in the country thematically dedicated to winemaking and winegrowing of both the region itself and of Serbia as a whole is located in Aleksandrovac – the center of the Župa area today.

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Wine encyclopedia

Recently, Mladinska knjiga has published a voluminous, masterly illustrated book called WINE by Jovo Simišić, in which the encyclopedic knowledge of wine, wine production and winegrowing is collected, with a special accent on the Serbian territory and the countries of the region.

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