Modigliani Wine Bar

Amadeo Modigliani, a genial artist, pub and bar lover, bohemian, and knower of the wine of his native Italy, has recently been given his nook in Belgrade. It is Ana Gazdić and her husband’s endeavor. They wanted to create a shelter for themselves, their friends, and the people of a similar sensibility to socialize while tasting selected Italian wines.

“We appreciate French, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian wines… But, Italy is yet unsurpassable when speaking about the tradition and skill of wine producing and wine growing. We also personally know some wine producers who are wizards of their craft, who take care of every single vine plant with love. Given that we love Italy very much and know it, our wine bar was designed with the idea to create a space in which both we and our friends would be enjoying. We also suppose that there is yet another group of the people in this beautiful town who would feel nice in this ambience, quite different from the largest number of the ‘catering milieus’ of the city,” says Ana Gazdić, the owner of the Modigliani.

From Toscana to the heel of Italy

The names of the selected wines served here are on the menu of the wine list and the big-sized “wine board” adorning the Modigliani wine boutique. Brunello di Montalcino and famous Chianti are originally produced in Toscana; the great wines such as Barbaresco and Barolo come from Piemonte, the well-known wine region located at the very food of the Italian Alps. There are also about ten different South Italian subspecies of wine produced from the primitive vine, which is famous for its early maturation and a high percentage of sugar. While conversing casually, we are drinking the light red wine Roma – a coupage in which the sangiovese vine gives the main taste. “Our wine offer bases more on red wines, although we also have white wines, as well as prosecco, which is particularly favored by women. We’ll continue doing our best to always have something new in our offer. Our menu also includes selected ‘wine morsels’ like dry figs, arugula, cherry tomatoes, Italian prosciutto,” says our collocutor.

Modigliani’s sensibility

To our question why of all Italian artists Amadeo Modigliani was selected, Ana tells us: “Since the very epoch of the Renaissance, all that is nice has mainly come from Italy, and Modigliani is one of the best representatives of modern Italian art. His paintings simply radiate and have something I’d call a similar esthetic perception of the world. He loved women, which is testified to by both his biography and his paintings. I’m sure he was exceptionally emotional, full of love. We wish to make this space a meeting place for the people who, although they don’t know one another, can converse with each other and exchange warmth between themselves. We want to repeatedly experience and renew that spirit of understanding stimulated by wine hedonism in this space day after day. We also plan to organize live concerts of young artists playing the saxophone and the guitar.”

Text: BelGuest
Photo: Rozana Sazdić
Info: Wine bar Modiljani, 22 Vladetina Street, Belgrade