52 Weekends in Novi Sad

Though we can’t hang out at Winterfest or skate in the Ice Forest, the New Year isn’t canceled – the winter magic is already in the air. New Year’s lighting has already been installed in the city center. So take a walk through the city, enjoy the magical holiday atmosphere and experience your fairy tale under the starry vault in Zmaj Jovina Street. The most beautiful street in the city is dedicated to our famous children’s poets – Jovan Jovanović Zmaj and represents the lively spirit of the city. Children like to be near the Uncle Jova’s statue. Their parents take photos of them while he casually leans on his cane and says: “Winter, winter – so what? If it’s winter, it’s not lion”.

You can continue your walk to the colorful Laza Telečki Street or to one of the hidden picturesque passages in the vintage style. Of course, you can also stay on the spacious Freedom Square, because the Church of the Name of Mary, the City Hall and other buildings represent a unique ambiance for beautiful photos.

In the city center there is a great opportunity to meet street musicians, who complete the magical experience with their music. Even when we think it doesn’t exist, magic is all around us. We just need to allow ourselves to see it!

Photo: Aleksandar Milutinovic
Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad