Unique Una river

People talk that the River Una was named by the Romans who had considered it to be the most beautiful river throughout the Empire. Una – the only one! It deserves yet many more epithets – spectacular – for its waterfalls and rapids; emerald – due to its color; medicinal – because of plants, landscapes, forests, the water; magical – you will want to return to it.  

The Una National Park is located in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the territory of the Municipality of Bihać and provides the conditions exceptional for different kinds of tourism. The fascinating waterfalls, cascades and cataracts attract rafters and canoeists; fishermen are attracted by the great diversity of the fishes, and the landscapes of extraordinary beauty attract all nature lovers. The most attractive are the 24-m-high Štrbac Cataract, which consists of several interwoven waterfalls and Milanče’s Cataract near Martin Brod, but the Una offers an unforgettable experience on every single meter.

“The River Una has established a harmony with people, fishes, birds, willows, bridges… which is a rare thing to see today,” says Amarildo Mulić, the director of The Una National Park. “Indeed, there is so much beauty here, and so many interesting stories and nice people. One also needs to dedicate some time to visiting Kulen Vakuf, where the Džisri Kebir Bridge connects the riverbanks of the Una, under which bridge there is one of the best fishing grounds in Europe. One should also take a tour of the Mosque of the Sultan Ahmed III and the Rmanj Monastery, which was erected by Katarina Branković, Serbian Despot Djuradj’s daughter.
Of course, one should not miss the culinary specialities prepared by the cooks of Bihać and trout, certainly and for sure the best you will ever eat.”

That was the Una…

“That was the Una. My father was laughing, thinking that I was afraid, so he was holding me with his hands, and telling me not to be afraid, that the bridge was safe, although I was not afraid: I was only soaring, all shined through by the Una, that invisible miracle, for which I could only say, beauty, beauty, I couldn’t but admiringly watch it, I couldn’t breathe all I wanted.” (Skender Kulenović) 

Text and photo by: Rozana Sazdić