During one day in New Bečej, you can visit three interesting museums and the old Benedictine monastery, and enjoy the charms of the Tisa River…

You can start your visit to New Bečej by visiting Arača, a cultural-historical monument about twenty kilometers away from the town. The monumental construction rises in the center of the wheat fields of the never-ending plain, exuding the beauty of architectural details. A mention of it as a Benedictine Abbey dates back in the 13th century, and it was built on the foundations of a clerical edifice of an older date. In the Middle Ages, there was a small town here, of which no trace has remained, but the imposing ramparts of Arača testify to the turbulent history of this area even today.

New Miloševo, with its two museums, is situated several kilometers away from Arača. In the “Kotaraka Museum”, which used to be the Karačonji family’s wheat storehouse, there is an exhibition of a big collection of the tools, kitchenware and pieces of furniture revealing the history of this village, whereas tractors, steam machines, military and civilian “old-timer” cars, motorcycles, collections of various tools and the “pride” of the Museum – a still-operable tractor dating back in 1920 – are exhibited in the “Žeravica” Museum on over 3000 m2.

The museum story is made complete by the house of the Glavaš family from the 19th century, located in New Bečej, in which the exhibits that are going to be part of the future homeland museum are displayed. At the end of the day, lie back and enjoy your rest on the Tisa and the delicacies of Banat.

Text and photo by: Rozana Sazdić