Summer holiday on Kopaonik

The Green Gates of Kopaonik”

Kopaonik is a mountain of the volcanic origin and a lot of medicinal waters spring from it. Jošanička Spa was built at one such hot mineral spring. The beneficial water, the abundance of vegetation, the pleasant height above sea level and climate are the initial basis for its accelerated development. “We’ve renewed the old bath built in 1935, so the Spa is completely  placed on the map the health tourism of our country again. In order to make our summer offer more complete, we’ve arranged two pedestrian-biking paths that pass through the magnificently beautiful landscape of the ‘spa’s pine-tree-forested area’. They’ll be marked on the official map of the pedestrian and biking routes of the Natioanl Tourism Organization of Serbia,” says Radenko Cvetić, the director of the Tourism Organization of Raška, which manages the development of Jošanička Spa.

Exceptional cultural routes

Kopaonik is located in Raška Region – the cradle of the Serbian Mediaeval State. In the immediate vicinity of the Tourism Center, there are the cultural-historical monuments of precious value, which we recommend that you should see. First of all, there are the monasteries and the spatial wholes inscribed on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List – the monastery of Studenica, Old Ras with Peter’s Church, the Pillars of St. George and the monastery of Sopoćani. Among the exceptional monuments, there are also the monasteries of Žiča Gradac, New and Old Pavlica, Končul…

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