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Any season of the year is ideal for you to visit Vojvodina. During the summer, apart from natural and cultural attractions, tourists are offered an opportunity to enjoy at nicely arranged beaches, too. There is a strong link between citizens and the rivers and lakes near which they live, so the citizens will gladly and with pride recommend “their” bathing resort, as Nataša Pavlović, Ph.D., director of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, says.

The spirit of the lowlands, the diversity of the tourist attractions, numerous events and good entertainment have increasingly been attracting domestic and foreign tourists. The arranged oasis on the rivers and lakes throughout Vojvodina are especially interesting in the summer. Beside bathing and sports, these places are also suitable for watching nature and for ecotourism. Czardas – the places where you can taste the characteristic aromas of the fishermen’s cuisine – are in the vicinity of the beaches.

Summer enjoyments of Novi Sad

The river beaches in towns and cities are known as strands, and one of the most famous is the Strand of Novi Sad. It deserves the epithet of the most popular river tourism destination due to its tradition of over a hundred years, the large area covered with the finest sand stretching along the Danube and the numerous sporting, entertainment and catering attractions. The second favorite place attended by the citizens and the visitors of Novi Sad who want to run away from summer heats are the Fruška Gora Mt. lakes of Bruje, Borkovac and Medjes.

Danubian landscapes

He who visits Apatin will not resist the spacious sand beach surrounded by the thick forests of the Upper Danube Basin Reserve, the fish-czardas, the EuroVelo6 bicycle route… whereas Sombor is the town where you should surrender to enjoying at the Strand built on the bank of the Great Canal of BačBačka Palanka has two nice-looking beaches – the one on the Danube, and the other on the Lake of Tikvara, in whose vicinity there is a Sports-Recreational Center with a hall and outdoor terrains. The people of Stara Pazova take pride in the beauty of the river islets of Belegis abounding in sand beaches and camping sites. The Dream Danube Home complex is the jewel of Belegis.

Lowland pastoral

The tranquil Pannonian waters are the right choice for you to relax. The riverbanks of the Tisa, both in Bačka and in Banat, have been “transformed” into nicely arranged bathing resorts. Which one is the best? Is it the one in Kanjiža, Senta, Ada, Becej, or New Becej, Žabalj or Titel? The visitor himself is the one to decide! One of the best-equipped beaches in Vojvodina is situated on the Sava River. It is the Town Beach in Sremska Mitrovica, also known as Brioni. The bathers have at their disposal a whole range of services, and the attractions are so devised that all generations can enjoy.


There is rarely a place in Vojvodina without at least some small hidden beach; in Vršac, there is even a lake at the very heart of the town. Palić is the best-attended lake of Vojvodina since it offers many possibilities for sports and recreation and is also known for the cultural events organized there. Some of the most significant bathing resorts are also Zobnatičko Lake, Belocrkvanska Lakes, Provala Lake

Water attractions

Those wanting entertainment and a hectic atmosphere rather than tranquility-exuding natural oasis may opt for numerous swimming-pools and sports-recreational centers such as Petroland Aquapark in Bački Petrovac, the Horizont complex in Surduk, the Relax Sports Center in Kovačica

An extra experience

There are the centuries-old settlements lying in the areas surrounding the rivers, canals and lakes of Vojvodina, with their respective multifold interesting cultural heritages, which are worth visiting.

Text and photo: Rozana Sazdić
Photo: TO of Stara Pazova, TO of Vojvodina (Jaroslav Pap, Nenad Mihajlović et al.)
More info: Tourism Organization of Vojvodina