Winter on Golija, Javor and Mučanj Mountains

Ivanjica is surrounded by the three mountain beauties: Golija, Javor and Mučanj. Due to the refreshing air and an ideal height above the sea level, the whole landscape is an air spa, recommended for improving the blood count. Together with a thick snow cover, the landscapes of magnificent beauty, hospitable hosts and healthy highlander table groaning with food – it already offers a series of arguments for you to spend the winter in the village households of this healthy area.

Ivanjica is the native place of Serbian village tourism, with the households that have received awards on quite a large number of occasions, and the immaculate reviews displayed on Internet portals. The vast expanses of Golija Mountain have been declared a Nature Park, and in its fold, there is also the Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve, inscribed in the UNESCO List of Natural Heritage. Javor Mountain has had a long tradition of curing anemia – for which reason it has been attributed the epithet of a “red blood cell factory”.

At hospital hosts’ households

The guest who once comes to Kušići, Katići, Kumanica, Daići, Komadine, etc. feels enchanted by beauty, the service and the gastro-offer. The winter on the mountains of Ivanjica is always more than a holiday thanks to their hospitable and warm people. So, the hosts of the Gift of Golija Villa, the Residences of Golija and the Avramović Villa will greet you upon arrival. On Javor mountain, apart from the attractions offered by the Javor Hotel, the hosts of the Angelina Villa on Kušići will welcome you with wide open arms and show you the hidden charms of Javor Planina.

In the village of Katići, at the very foot of Mučanj mountain, you can accommodate yourself at the Hotel Matović-Logos and the Villa of the Obradović Boarding House. The Obradović Boarding House is one of the pioneers of village tourism and offers a range of carefully thought out winter attractions, including, among others, the unforgettable ride in a sleigh.