In the beautiful setting of the Sava promenade, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, in cooperation with the company Belgrade Waterfront, opened a photo exhibition on the 4th of July on the theme of the exceptional natural beauties of our country. National parks and Nature parks are at the center of attention.

“We hope you will enjoy the kaleidoscope of Serbia’s rare natural features, which are protected by special laws due to their uniqueness. Serbia is a true “Green Grace”, its national parks and other natural resources abounding in invaluable national treasures. One striking aspect of our country’s national parks is their sheer diversity: Fruška gora is a tranquil area full of seashells and sea fossils, having once been an ocean island in its distant geological history; Đerdap juxtaposes the stunning Iron Gate Gorge on the Danube with the forest-grown mountains, boasting lavish biodiversity and immense archaeological treasure; Tara is an embodiment of pristine nature, with its matchless scenic viewpoints and the canyon of the emerald Drina river; Kopaonik is Serbia’s “sunny roof”, with many therapeutic springs; Šar Mountain is a realm of glacial lakes and marvellous butterflies“, it is written at the opening exhibition panel.