The Holy Places of the Pčinja River Valley


In south of Serbia, at the foot of the Dukat Mountain, the river Pčinja originates. On its way towards Macedonia, it forms one of the most beautiful fluvial valleys in our country. This interesting landscape,  preserves the significant pages of the Serbian mediaeval history. We are presenting you a photo-story about the three most significant sacrosanct assets of the Pčinja Valley. 

Caves of Eastern Serbian


“In Eastern Serbia, limestone rocks occupy a large area. The effect of erosion created a multitude of sinkholes, coves, cliffs, waterfalls, caves etc. This is a marvellous phenomenon of the region containing the largest concentration of caves in Serbia. For a long time I’ve been exploring this magical underground area,” says Kostić, introducing us to this world.

Exhibition – Old crafts


In cooperation with the “Belgrade Waterfront” company, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia has for a longer time now been organizing thematic exhibitions in the open air, in a nice-looking and inspiring space of the Sava Promenade – a promenade on the very riverbank of the Sava. There is an ongoing exhibition there, dedicated to [...]

“Kragujevac for Beginners and Indigenous Inhabitants”


„The photographs that I’d been taking for years tell their own story about the city, a visual history that is going on before our eyes easily, naturally, and free of any redundant particularities. The people are those who make the book realistic. For the major part, those are the details pulled from people’s lives, the real life photographs that are taken in a fraction of a second impossible to anticipate.“

Belgrade Fortress by Svetlana Dingarac


Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park are the museums of the history of the city, in the open air. Within the walls of the fort, there are a lot of monuments bearing testament to the development of the city from the ancient to the contemporary times. In the Upper City, there are: The Victor Statue – the symbol of the city, Ružica Church,  the Clock Tower…

Lightning sky above Belgrade, a kitten living in the window


“A self-portrait of every photographer, as presented by a colleague, consists of three photographs:  Head – you have to understand what and why you’re photographing; Hands – that you know how to use the tool and Heart – it means that the photograph, whatever the motive is, should come from one’s self, from one’s soul”, Željko Sinobad

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