Atrium Hammam & Spa

An extremely interesting woman, a doctor by profession and a world woman traveler by commitment, has decided to bring to Novi Sad but a small portion of the beauties she has witnessed to while traveling to and in exotic countries. Her name is Marijana Čuljak, the woman owner of the recently opened steam bath in the Moroccan style, which she has simultaneously also designed in the style of imaginative oriental fairytales. In order to tell this Mediterranean-Near East story even more authentically, she has also opened a restaurant serving dishes of the Persian and Arabian cuisines.

Marijana Čuljak says that her idea about building a hammam in Novi Sad was conceived during her numerous travels around the Near East and the Mediterranean, where she frequently visited hammams and enjoyed their architecture and decoration. “Also, I was feeling that relaxing in those spaces saturated with humidity was something that gave me exceptional pleasure. When I saw the old, unused, and humid cellar space under the vaults of the house at 1 Nikole Pašića Street for the first time, it reminded me of the ambience of some old Turkish bath. From that moment on, I began to implement my plan to have it transformed both technically and from the point of view of the design into a steam bath, simultaneously offering an interesting and extraordinary health-recreational solution in our region. While implementing the project, I was adhering to traditional norms to some extent, and to my imagination to a great deal.”

One Hour Like in a Fairytale

Upon arriving in the lobby of the Hammam, you are symbolically served for a welcome and made familiar with the treatment you are about to take. Then you choose the ingredients and aromas of the soaps and oils you will be treated later. Once you have got ready in the changing room, you enter the hammam where the temperature ranges from 40 to 44 degrees, and the air humidity is a hundred percent. After about 20 minutes, somewhat shorter or longer time, depending on your own feeling of pleasure, you go onto the heated table, where you are soaped and massaged with a rough glove and given a skin peeling. Refreshed, bathed and perfumed like this in the space intended for relaxation, you will leave the premises with a small cup of tea or some other refreshing drink in your hand.

Atrium Tastes

Just like the steam bath, the gastro-world of this quite an unusual place exudes exoticism. As an introduction to a hedonistic experience, hors-d’oeuvres such as hummus, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, several variants of manakish, crispy pastry filled with different spices and dressings, are served. The main menu particularly highlights the authentic Moroccan dishes prepared and served in original vessels. All dishes are prepared following original recipes, and they all have authentic aromas with the endless nuances of taste – from sweet and salty to piquant. A panoply of sweet morsels highlights baklavas with pistachio or walnuts, which perfectly make the whole experience complete, together with a coffee spiced with cardamon, a nutmeg or aromatic tea.

INFO: Atrium Hamam & Spa, Nikole Pašića 1, 21000 Novi Sad,