In just about two hours drive from Belgrade, you can reach the “queen of the continent” – the Spa, which is equally famous for invigorating and healing and for a fun place. The ancient Romans were treated in Vrnjačka Banja, as evidenced by the site of Fons Romanus, on the foundations of which a modern wellness center was built. The modern spa was born in the summer of 1869, when the first season was officially opened. Today, as many as seven healing springs are used: Topla voda, Slatina, Snežnik, Jezero, Borjak, Beli izvor and Vrnjačko vrelo.

Over time, the spa has developed into a destination that manages to respond to the wishes of even the most demanding tourists. Whether you come for health, rest or fun, Vrnjacka Banja is always a great choice. The accommodation capacity of the queen of Serbian spas is over 15,000 beds. You will find close to 10,000 beds at home, while the health center has 850 beds. Other bed capacities are mainly hotels, apartment complexes and boarding houses.

Vrnjacka Park and the Bridge of Love

If you want to feel the spirit of Vrnjačka Banja and get to know it better, we recommend that you take a carriage ride with the children from the Bridge of Love to the edge of Vrnjačka Park. The trail is almost two kilometers long, and linden trees are planted along its entire length, so you will enjoy the thick shade, and at the time of flowering, the intoxicating scent of stout linden trees. Along with numerous tourists, Danilo Bata Stojković, Maksim Gorki, Desanka Maksimović …
In one part of Vrnjačka Park, there is a Japanese garden, which was planted in 2011 with a donation from Japan. Thus, the otherwise luxurious plant fund of the Park is significantly enriched with this unusual and creative donation, and with the famous Japanese school of garden architecture, you will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and customs of the Japanese people.
The first stop of the “carriage tour” is the Bridge of Love, which will tell you a true and instructive story about the Serbian officer Relja and the teacher Nada, whose love was interrupted by the First World War. Relj was taken by the whirlwind of war to Greece, where he fell in love with another girl and married her. But Nada could not forget him. For the rest of her life, she waited for him on the bridge of their meetings. Seeing her wither, the girls began to come to the bridge under the cover of night and “lock” the hearts of their boys with padlocks. Write your own and your loved one’s name on the padlock and hang this padlock on the bridge. Lock your love forever.
If you decide to visit Banja during the month of July, you must not miss the Vrnjačka Carnival. This event is visited by over 200,000 tourists every year. The Vrnjačka Carnival lasts for a week. In this playful week, masquerades, plays, festivals and sports events alternate.

Love Fest

For fans of urban culture and underground sound, a special treat will be Love Fest, which has been held for many years. Love Fest has become recognizable almost as Novi Sad’s Exit. The world’s best DJs will lead the electronic part of the festival, while you will also enjoy the sounds of the best rock and roll bands from this area.
When you are already in a beautiful spa, why not indulge in hedonism? Places where you and your companions will enjoy are beautiful wellness and spa centers. Jacuzzis, cold rooms, saunas, massages are just a part of what will help you relax. The youngest visitors have at their disposal small and large pools, so you don’t have to worry even if there are non-swimmers among you.
When we talk about outdoor pools, most hotels have them, such as: Hotel Slatina, Hotel Tonanti, Solaris Resort. Sunny Hill has beautiful slides that will be the main attraction for your children.
Only 11 kilometers from Vrnjacka Banja is the mountain Goc. The highest peak of this mountain is Krnja Jela with 1127 meters above sea level. Goč is overgrown with lush vegetation: beech and fir forests are most common on this mountain, and on the slopes of this mountain beauty you will see a large number of vineyards and raspberries. You can buy cheese, cream and brandy from the kind hosts in the surrounding rural households.

Goc as a winter tourist center

The ski slope on Goč attracts an increasing number of winter sports fans. Skiers head to the top from the drive station, which is located at 990 meters above sea level. Goc has a capacity of 1195 skiers per hour. This trail is great for beginners, so if you want to learn skiing, let Goch be your starting point. Skiing at night on Goč is a special experience. In the immediate vicinity of the trail there are a couple of restaurants where you can refresh yourself. The price of a day ski dog is 600 RSD, while a night ski dog costs only 800 RSD.
Vrnjacka Banja is not the only spa tourist center that you can visit in Serbia, but this is definitely a spa with the widest tourist offer for you and your companions. If you plan to travel with your family during the summer or during the winter, it is certainly one of the best tourist centers for holidays with children in Serbia.