Can you imagine a morning on Kablar, while the Sun is dispersing the tufts of the fog rolling above the Morava River? Can you imagine the redness at the foot of Ovčar and the first beams of light wakening the nature up, while the sound of the monastery bells is heard from a distance?

Ovčar and Kablar command a view of the meanders of the Zapadna Morava (Western Morava) river and it is one of the most beautiful panoramas in Serbia. Between these mountain massifs, the river cut a gorge, which, apart from its impressive relief and magnificent forests, is also decorated with the three wedging meanders. Visitors from far-off Japan said that this scene reminded them of the symbols of Yin and Yang.

Many have said that the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge is the most romantic and the most beautiful gorge in Serbia. The unique cultural, artistic and historical heritage, a complex of monasteries and sacred places of the late 14th century attribute to this ambience a special value. On the slopes of Ovčar, there are the monasteries of the Presentation of Jesus, the Holy Trinity, the Presentation of Mary, the Ascension of Jesus, the Transfiguration and the cave-church of Kađenica; on Kablar, there are the monasteries of Nikolje, the Annunciation, Jovanje, the Dormition, the Church of St. Elijah and the Sanctuary, the Church of St. Sava. At the heart of the gorge, there is Ovčar Banja Spa, with a spring of thermal mineral water.

The natural beauties and monumental values of the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge classify it into the most attractive destinations in Serbia. It is networked with mountaineering and biking paths, whereas sailing down the Western Morava and enjoying the view of the impressive rocks and the rich flora and fauna is an experience impossible to gain every day. Others prefer watching the landscapes from the mountain peaks, which offer an extremely magnificent view of the green expanse.

This landscape of extraordinary characteristics is managed by the Tourism Organization of Čačak, which also organizes the Photo-Colony with the aim of promoting and developing this area. The Third Photo-Gathering was held in early June on the terrains of Ovčar and Kablar, and the participants began to have fun together at the opening of the exhibition of the best photographs of the last year’s Gathering. Slobodan Pajić, KM FSS and the founder and a member of the ForMat Photo-Group from Čačak, was the selector and author of the exhibition.

Text: Rozana Sazdić