“Paradise on the Drina” rural household

“Paradise on the Drina” is located on the very shores of the Drina river, more precisely on Zvornik Lake, in the village of Velika Reka, not far away from Mali Zvornik. The household’s courtyard is a lush green area, after which the place was named paradise.

This is one of the most attractive settlements in the Drina river basin, especially for the beautiful, untouched nature, the artificial lake – the habitat of the rare species of birds and fish. There are a restaurant and a motel, built of brick and black pine wood, which attributes special warmness to the facility. The restaurant has a fireplace, a beautiful terrace and a courtyard with deck chairs right next to the water. For sports, there is a beach volleyball court, futsal goal posts and a swimming-pool. There is a wooden pier, as well as a rubber boat for an attractive ride on the lake. The courtyard has access to the water, which is important for all lovers of swimming.

The household consists of the eight fully equipped two-, three- and four-bed bedrooms. Guests can also rent a self-catering service apartment. The outdoor swimming-pool is only reserved for guests.

Every year, the village of Velika Plana hosts some already very popular events: the International Kayak-Canoe Regatta, the “Skobaljijada” and Gastronomy Competition of Mali Zvornik, the Drina Regatta, “The Drina is the Sense of Life” Days of Sports, Recreational and Cultural Tourism, “, the International Fishing Cup, and many others. Nearby Soko-Grad is also an interesting place to visit.