A weekend in Žabalj

The golf court near the bank of the River Tisa itself, with a pleasant view of the surrounding plain, is the greatest tourism attraction of Žabalj. The attractions of the two Nature Parks – the Old Tisa near the Pearl Island and Jegrička – are also perfect for active rest. The nicely arranged beaches, rowing, a fish-hook thrown amongst the “carpets” of white water lilies… as well as the extraordinary wines and cheeses of Čurug, the unique Serbian whiskey… are all the charms of a stay in Žabalj.

If you are a golfer, you will enjoy this noble sport; if you want to make your first steps in this sport demanding calmness and strategic thinking, the Club organizes special golf demo days. After a game of golf, you will have an opportunity to taste the specialties prepared by Vladimir Matić, an excellent internationally awarded cook.

The quiet Tisa and meandering Jegrička

The Old Tisa Nature Park near the Pearl Island offers bathing and a stay on a nicely arranged beach, fishing, boat rides… The imposing Rođa’s Windmill, built of almost seventy thousand bricks, is also one of the impressive places. For gastronomic enjoyments, you may visit The Quiet Tisa Csarda, and the candy-maker’s handicraft shop A Miniature Candy is also one of the interesting spots. If you like wines, don’t leave Čurug without having tasted the great wines of the Botić Winery, as well as the excellent domestic cheeses produced by the Radišić Estate.
In the Jegrička Nature Park you can also throw a fish-hook and bathe in the clear water of this fluvial beauty, which is known as the umbilical cord of Bačka. Buy vegetables in Gospođinci and taste the Two Doves Serbian whiskey and delicious watermelons.

By BelGuest
Photo: TO Žabalj