City break Novi Sad

Lonely Planet brought the city a flattering title of the third destination in the world for the year 2019; actually, there is nothing unusual about it, because Novi Sad keeps attracting tourists by its urban heritage, a mixture of cultures, a pleasant atmosphere and a large number of events. It is always nice, but it is especially interesting in winter, since two Christmases and two New-Year’s Eves are celebrated in the city.

There is no better way to get to know the rhythm of a city than going to its main square; for that reason, you should exactly start from the Liberty Square, which is one of the main stages of the ceremonial atmosphere between Christmases and New-Year’s Eves celebrated according to the Gregorian and the Julian calendars. The monument to Svetozar Miletić is the center of the events, and the monumental edifice of the Town Hall and Roman Catholic Parish Church of the Name of Mary are the main “settings”.

From Miletić to Poet Jakšić

Even the most impatient walkers will enjoy the rest of the sightseeing tour of the core of Novi Sad, leading along Zmaj Jovina Street, up to the point at which it flows into Dunavska Street, where one can see the Palace of Bačka Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Palace leans against the Church of St. George, decorated with the iconostasis painted by one of the most famous painters in the history of Serbia – Paja Jovanović. Some of the oldest buildings in Novi Sad are lined along Dunavska Street. There is also Foreign Art Collection, as well as numerous shops, restaurants, cakeshops, passages… At the end of the street, you will see the Danube Park, an oasis of greenery with many monuments, one of which (namely that dedicated to poet and painter Djura Jakšić) is believed to fulfil your wishes if you whisper into his ear. We recommend that you should enrich your sightseeing tour with gastronomic specialties complemented by an excellent choice of wines. The restaurants of national and international cuisines, as well as numerous cafés, are located along the entire stretch from Liberty Square all to the end of Dunavska Street.

Two Hours More of a Pleasant Walk

If you devote two or three hours more, you can also sightsee the wider city core bordered with Zlatne Grede, Miletićeva, Grčkoškolska and Pašićeva streets and the Square of Marija Trandafil. That is where you will find the Platoneum building, the seat of the Novi Sad branch of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as the Icon House or the birth house of Marija Trandafil, the greatest benefactor amongst the Serbs. The nearby square was named after her. Thanks to her donations, an orphanage was built there. Today, it is the building of Matica Srpska, the oldest and most respectable Serbian cultural and scientific institution. The Church of St. Nicholas, the oldest Orthodox Church erected in 1730, is also located in the vicinity. The sons of Mileva Marić and Albert Einstein were baptized in it. At the end of Miletićeva Street, there is the Greek Catholic Church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul, one of the rare buildings that were not destroyed in the bombing of Novi Sad in 1849.

Gibraltar on the Danube

Petrovaradin Fortress is the most attractive tourist zone of Novi Sad, which is so powerful that it has never been conquered in its entire history. That is why it is called Gibraltar on the Danube.  The fortress is one of the best-preserved fortifications in Europe and, at the same time, an exceptional example of military architecture. It spreads across 112 ha and has 10 gates, 12,000 loopholes and a room for 100 cannons. It is dominated by the Clock Tower, a symbol of Novi Sad, also known as “the drunken clock”, whose big hand shows hours and small hand shows minutes. Nowadays, Petrovaradin Fortress is the space ennobled by art studios, the City Museum of Novi Sad, the Gallery and Atelier 61, the Planetarium, restaurants and cafés. It is also the venue of EXIT – one of the most significant music festivals held in Europe. We recommend that you should invest a moment and enjoy the view from the terrace of the upper level of the Fortress or from one of the restaurants, and treat yourself to one of the specialties prepared in the kitchen of the Leopold I Hotel there.
The baroque Suburbium is part of Petrovaradin Fortress, together with the Roman-Catholic Church of Saint George with a convent, which has a special value.

Svetozar Miletić was the most significant leader of the Serbs in Vojvodina in the 19th century. The monument to Svetozar Miletić in Liberty Square is a work of renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović. At Miletić’s is the most popular gathering place among the citizens of Novi Sad.

The tower of the Town Hall was once a fire lookout tower. The bell called “Matilda”, which was named after its benefactress, is placed in the tower. The number of the bell blows was the way to show the location of the fie, given that the city was divided into quarters.

Marija Trandafil was the greatest benefactress in the Serbs. Among her legacies, one singles out – The Legacy of Marija Trandafil for Serbian Orthodox Orphans – today’s seat and library of Matica Srpska. She also reconstructed the nearby St. Nicholas’ Church.

Events and Nightlife

More than 200 festivals are held in the city during the year. The most famous is EXIT. This year, Novi Sad was the European Youth Capital, and in 2021, it will be the European Capital of Culture. But you do not have to wait for some special occasion to appear to have a good time – you can enjoy some of its numerous cafés, clubs, disco clubs, small pubs, beerhouses, river restaurants, etc. everyday. After such a “warmup”, go to the heart of its nightlife – to Laze Telečkog Street, and organize the rest of the night according to your mood and music taste, or yet go to some of the river restaurants in Ribarac. Search the night map of Novi Sad gradually and “from the horse’s mouth”, because it constantly changes and enriches itself from season to season.

NOVI SAD for the Knowledgeable

Apart from the parts of the city that are the main segment of the tourist offer, we are also revealing to you some small and less known places of irresistible attractions. Our proposals are:

✓  Visit the MANUAL workshop, the center of old leather processing masters – you may find some unique purse, bag or suitcase for yourself.

✓  Peep into the Ivković Atelier and Bookbinding Shop in Dunavska Street, which has been there, in that very same place, for over 200 years.

✓  Visit the ITD Gallery and Souvenir Shop at the plateau near “The Drunken Clock”. Their souvenirs and T-shirts are very provocative.

✓  Schedule a tour of the atelier of photographer Dragan Kurucić, which is located in one of the most mysterious underground passages of Petrovaradin Fortress.

✓  Have an ice-cream cone at the City pastry shop, opposite the Serbian National Theater. It looks like ice-cream, but it’s not ice-cream; it’s rather cold cream and hazelnuts.

✓  Have a pizza and pastas at the Nuovo Palazzo Bianco restaurant in Cara Dušana Street. All the aromatic spices which Bojana the cook uses to achieve the tastes are from its own garden.

✓  Order a fish soup at the Dunavac KM (At Karlo’s) csárda on the Fishermen’s Island and relax watching the magnificent river and with good local wines.

Adapted based on the publication “Novi Sad for Beginners” by authoress Gordana Stojaković