Wellness tourism of Sokobanja

In Sokobanja, there are six springs of medicinal waters, the noble gas radon and the air filled with beneficial ions. An almost two-centuries-long tradition of the spa medical resort is founded on these gifts. The Old Bath, as well as the new wellness centers, offers a plethora of the treatments that heal and refresh, and winter days are the right time for wellness enjoyments. 

The Turkish Hammam from the 15th century, erected on the foundations of an almost-two-thousand-years-old ancient bath, is a symbol of the tourist center. Today, the Wellness Center – contemporary with respect to the therapeutic methods, although ancient inside in all respects, identical with the original edifice – is in it.

Stone soaked in memories

Bathing in the swimming-pools of the women’s and the men’s bath of the Old Hammam is quite a unique experience since it is impossible not to feel the presence of all those men and women who had been enjoying here the warm water and its beneficial evaporations for centuries. One of the interesting memories from the history of the Hammam is a story related to the great Serbian ruler – Prince Miloš Obrenović. In the wall of the room where the Prince bathed separated from others, even today there is a hardly visible whole through which he would secretly carefully be watching undressed beauties in the neighboring women’s bath. Water is supplied to the Hammam from the two warm springs, and there is also a special room for inhaling radioactive water vapor. After a warm bath in the swimming-pools fitted in the stone tiles of different colors and the inhalation of water vapor, the body becomes lightweight and relaxed, and thoughts tranquil.
The Turkish bath is an inseparable part of the Special Hospital of Sokobanja Spa, which also offers guests the other attractions, such as the Finnish sauna, the pearl bath, hydro-massages, manual massages, as well as diverse fitness programs.

Lemon spa in the Greek-roman style

The Soko Terme Wellness Center is built on the riverbank of the Moravica, immediately next to the thermal spring – known by people under the name of Lemon Spa. The Lemon Spa’s water contains sulphuretted hydrogen, calcium, magnesium, and the other minerals that help treat rheumatic discomforts and post-injury conditions. Soko Terme consists of two indoor swimming-pools and one outdoor connected by means of the “water tunnel”, so that bathers “swim out” onto the fresh air with but one stroke, which is a special experience in the winter months.
In Soko Terme, there are also numerous accompanying attractions: the Finnish sauna, the Turkish bath, the Salt Room, the Jacuzzi, the Cosmetic Salon, as well as the physiotherapeutic block for massages of different kinds.
This newly-constructed Wellness Center with the Hotel is interesting for both its exterior and its interior appearance. From the outside, it looks like a castle, whereas in the inside, there are a lot of paintings and sculptures of mythological creatures and gods of the Greek-Roman civilization.

Nataly Residence

Nataly Residence is a newly-built hotel of the suite type, within which there is the Nataly Spa Center with the indoor swimming-pool, the Finnish Sauna, the Steam Bath, hydro-massaging bathtubs, the Salt Room, tropical showers, the Tepidarium, etc., as well as massage and cosmetic treatment salons.
Apart from the perfectly equipped Spa Center, the guests who stay here also have that special pleasure of staying in the panoramic suites with grassy terraces, the most spacious one being on the roof of the Residence, offering one of the most beautiful panoramic views, and also being the place where one can draw deep breaths of the healthy and refreshing air coming from the surrounding mountains.

Water for the psyche and the braeth

The Banjica Bath operates within the Special Hospital of Sokobanja Spa and water is supplied to it from the two springs of a different mineral composition, for which reason different discomforts and diseases are also treated here. The water of the one spring is medicinally beneficial for psychoneuroses and injuries of peripheral nerves. Baths in this water are also recommended for all those suffering from the so-called “managerial disease” and exposed to long-term stress. The other spring of the Banjica Bath is medicinal for all kinds of the respiratory organ diseases. Banjica also deals with the preparations of sportspeople and also conducts personalized wellness programs.

Apart from the said four wellness centers, the tourism workers of Sokobanja Spa also offer other relaxing and refreshing attractions: walks down the paths along the Moravica River, visits to the Fortress of Soko-Town, the degustation of the medicinal tea of Rtanj Mount produced by the notable enterprise Adonis, outings to the Ripaljka Waterfall, Bovansko Lake, the mysterious Rtanj Mount, etc.

Photos by: Sokobanja Organization for Tourism, Soko Terme, Rozana Sazdić, Nataly Spa
Info: Sokobanja Organization for Tourism