Winter on Zlatibor

The most visited mountain in Serbia proudly carries its title throughout the year. Interest in it does not wane even during the hot summer days, but also during the winter months. However, mountain and winter are two associatively connected nouns, and snow whiteness and idyll are their most beautiful features. These are the main reasons why we decide to spend our free time on the mountain and enrich our winter holidays with this ambience. But Zlatibor still has a lot to offer and make our moments even more perfect. This text is dedicated to those additional winter activities that are even more fun to do on this stunning mountain. They are the perfect occasion for a busy weekend or an extended vacation with friends and family.

From the beginning of November until the end of February, the Queen of the Mountains becomes a living space filled with a large number of visitors, children’s games in the central town square and numerous opportunities to enjoy the beauties of the last season. The most important reasons for Zlatibor winter vacation are:

Ski center Tornik – a space that further improves its capacities every season and offers guests the opportunity for exciting socializing with winter. Skiers are taken to the top of the trail by a six-seater cable car, and after that ride, there are four groomed trails, on which a real winter adventure takes place. Zmajevac is a trail prepared for experienced skiers, and the other three are also suitable for beginners. If you are going to spend the winter with children, the great news is that many ski schools organize training for kids, who can learn their first steps on skis on Zlatibor. In accordance with the high standards that have been set, the ski resorts are equipped with an artificial snow system, so a good winter time on Tornik will not be lacking even if there is no natural snow. A special attraction within this ski center is tubing, a modern attraction that is especially enjoyed by the youngest.
It is nine kilometers from the center of the mountain to Tornik. You can also cross them by local bus, and the tour will be idyllic because during it you will observe the landscapes of the village of Ribnica and Ribnica Lake – one of the most beautiful landscape units on the mountain.

Gold Gondola – the longest panoramic gondola in the world, is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Zlatibor winter in the most beautiful light. The gondola will take you from the “heart” of the mountain, across Ribnica Lake to Tornik.

Various accommodation – one of the most important characteristics of Zlatibor tourism is the category Zlatibor accommodation. This is one of the main reasons why the mountain attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. The winter season is especially idyllic if you stay in a wooden house, a beautiful authentic Zlatibor type of accommodation. In it, you can light a fire in the fireplace and watch the snowy landscape. They also provide the opportunity to enjoy many activities because they have large yards and the possibility of renting a sled. Log cabins on Zlatibor are the perfect place for family vacations and friends who want to spend a full vacation.

Famous manifestations and events – Zlatibor is a tourist destination that offers its visitors a number of opportunities to have a good time. Especially during the winter, events are organized here, which are one of the signs of the mountain. Such are the traditional New Year’s Eve and the Prosciutto Festival in Mackat. During the New Year’s holidays, concerts of the most famous performers, holiday performances for children and gatherings of the most famous trumpet orchestras are organized. As far as Prosciutto Festival is concerned, it is one of the most representative manifestations in Zlatibor – every February in the village of Mackat, widely known delicacies of this region are exhibited and sold: prosciutto and dried meat.

This short text  about  Zlatibor and everything this mountain has to offer is just a hint of what makes winter and holiday time there even more special. We believe that this is enough to make you want to be a part of Zlatibor’s visitors and leave your free winter and even holiday moments to this queen among the mountains.

Photo: Rozana Sazdić