Wellness Winter in Sokobanja

The main promoters of Sokobanja are its guests, who – by using the oldest and the most reliable “marketing tool”, i.e. conveying one’s own experiences by “word of mouth” – testify to the benefits they have received during their stay in Sokobanja. That’s why an extra bed is always requested in all seasons of the year.

There are six medicinal water springs in Sokobanja, and it is surrounded by the mountains from which therapeutic air comes. It inherits an almost two-thousand-year tradition of a spa convalescent resort. The Turkish Hammam of the 15th century, which was raised on the foundations of an old ancient bath, is a symbol of the Spa. Today, there is a Wellness Center in it – with its modern therapeutic methods, but both its interior and exterior have remained the same as the edifice renovated in the 19th century.

Radon like a Pill

Bathing in the swimming-pools of the female and male bathrooms of the Old Hammam is a unique experience. Our predecessors used to enjoy the warm water here and its beneficial evaporation for centuries. One of the interesting memories from the history of the Hammam is a story related to a great Serbian ruler – Prince Miloš Obrenović – who was the one to renovate the bath. Even today, there is the prince’s bathtub in the room where he used to bathe alone and separated from others and a hardly visible opening in the wall of the room, through which opening he would secretly watch undressed women bathing in there. The Hammam receives water from two tepid springs, and there is also a separate room for inhaling the water vapor. The water contains a noble gas, radon, which is therapeutic for the lungs and the respiratory organs, and also has other unusual features – as if there are the ingredients of some magical pill in it, which both tranquilize and enrapture at the same time.

Taming Managerial Stress

The Banjica Bath operates within the Special Hospital of Sokobanja Spa and water is supplied to it from the two springs of a different mineral composition, for which reason different discomforts and diseases are also treated here. The water of the one spring is medicinally beneficial for psychoneuroses and injuries of peripheral nerves. Baths in this water are also recommended for all those suffering from the so-called “managerial disease” and exposed to long-term stress. The other spring of the Banjica Bath is medicinal for all kinds of the respiratory organ diseases. Banjica also deals with the preparations of sportspeople and also conducts personalized wellness programs.

Lemon Spa

The Soko Terme Wellness Center is built on the riverbank of the Moravica, immediately next to the thermal spring – known by people under the name of Lemon Spa. The Lemon Spa’s water contains sulphuretted hydrogen, calcium, magnesium, and the other minerals that help treat rheumatic discomforts and post-injury conditions. Soko Terme consists of two indoor swimming-pools and one outdoor connected by means of the “water tunnel”, so that bathers “swim out” onto the fresh air with but one stroke, which is a special experience in the winter months. In Soko Terme, there are also numerous accompanying attractions: the Finnish sauna, the Turkish bath, the Salt Room, the Jacuzzi, the Cosmetic Salon, as well as the physiotherapeutic block for massages of different kinds.

Nataly Residence

Nataly Residence is a newly-built hotel of the suite type, within which there is the Nataly Spa Center with the indoor swimming-pool, the Finnish Sauna, the Steam Bath, hydro-massaging bathtubs, the Salt Room, tropical showers, the Tepidarium, etc., as well as massage and cosmetic treatment salons.
Apart from the perfectly equipped Spa Center, the guests who stay here also have that special pleasure of staying in the panoramic suites with grassy terraces, the most spacious one being on the roof of the Residence, offering one of the most beautiful panoramic views, and also being the place where one can draw deep breaths of the healthy and refreshing air coming from the surrounding mountains.

Garden of the Open-up Heart

Of the events during the winter season, we specially recommend the “Garden of the Open-up Heart”, which takes place on January 1st. The Spa’s guests are offered a good time with trumpet-players and animators and catering consisting of warm potions and traditional specialties of Sokobanja.

Now, Skating as Well

The skating rink with the sleighing rink at the very heart of the Spa is also a new attraction in the winter season. This prefab sporting facility with artificial ice will be a real challenge for the youngest guests.

The Spring Sun

The former pride of Sokobanja – the “Sun” Hotel – is going to be reopened in the spring of 2020. The Hotel will have 4 stars, 3 congress halls and about 150 rooms and apartments, two indoor and one outdoor swimming-pools, the wellness and spa attractions…

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