52 Weekends in Novi Sad

Beautiful landscapes blended with warm shades of yellow and red are an opportunity to visit picnic areas of Fruška gora. Our suggestion for this weekend is Letenka. Letenka is known as a place where outdoor schools and sports camps are organized.

Not far from Letenka, next to Partizanski put, there is a memorial of Lepinjica, dedicated to the partisan Radinka Vitasović Lepinjica. Nearby is the Jabuka picnic area, named after the wild apple tree, that grew on the site of the famous NOB memorial complex.

Walking through the glades and woods with the sounds of birds, autumn scents and clean air will positively affect your health, restore your positive energy, and recharge your batteries. The colorful autumn colors of oak, linden, hornbeam, wild cherry will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

Text: Miloš Dunjić
Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad
Photo: Dragan Kurucić