Mokrin House

The village of Mokrin nearby Kikinda is known as the Orient Express station, the birthplace of Mika Antić, a great Serbian peot, and is also famous for its picturesque Olympiad in Easter eggs tapping, gander fights and a special kind of cheese. Since recently, thanks to the Mokrin House, it has become the center of the development of creative industries and an example of a special kind of rural tourism.

We were the guests of the Mokrin House for a short time, but we spent just enough time in it to assure ourselves that it is exceptional. The halls of different purposes – in the first, there are a restaurant and a cafeteria; a working space is in the second, and a lovely hostel in the third – are built in a big courtyard, next to an adapted old house, in which there are comfortable apartments of a purified design. In the Mokrin House, there are also a small swimming-pool and a gym. The whole complex looks like a space ship that has landed in the green courtyard of Banat.

Work to take with you

We are speaking with Marija Petrović – Čavić, project manager, who is explaining the whole idea to us: “The concept of rural coworking has become increasingly more present throughout the world. The idea is for one to take the work with themselves and work in a relaxed way in a peaceful, nice and stimulating village ambience. The opening of this house has been a pioneering endeavor promoting a new form of tourism as well, with Ivan Brkljač from the Terra Panonica Company in the forefront of it.

Photo: Rozana Sazdić & Mokrin kuća