Mišić Residence

While many young people crave for the American dream “somewhere” in the world, he opted to dream that dream in Serbia and to turn the old family-owned household into a home for tourists from throughout the world. In an idyllic ambience of clearings, forests and springs, Peđa Mišić has created a place for enjoyment.

The Mišić Residence is located in the immediate vicinity of Vuk Karadžić’s native house and the Tršić Tourist Complex, where the authentic objects of folk architecture and the museum settings conjure up the way of life in Serbia in the 18th and the 19th centuries. There is an old smallish dwelling facility in the Mišić Household, too, but is arranged for guest accommodation. One path leads from the residence to the dense forest in which the hosts organize walks, cycling and picking forest fruits. Apart from the Dwelling-Facility Apartment, there are also nicely arranged rooms in the house. However, you will not spend a lot of time inside when you can enjoy your time in the beautiful courtyard, garden, “your” small pub…

Workshops, parties, chatrooms

The pub is the central gathering place. There, you can peek into mother-Ljuba’s recipes, learn how traditional Serbian food and beverages are prepared, and take part in workshops dedicated to ceramics, calligraphy, weaving, souvenir making…

The energy of forests and waters

The marked pedestrian-cycling paths run from the Mišić Residence to the monastery of Tronoša, the Gučevo, Cer and Mačkov kamen (Cat’s Stone) mountains, ant Banja Koviljača Spa and the Drina River are only about ten kilometers away.

Art Colony and Eco-Camp

Peđa Mišić and his family co-organize the multimedia art colony interconnecting young creators, as well as the eco-camp in which more than a hundred volunteers from twenty countries of the world have participated so far.

Text: Roza Sazdić
Photo: Mišić Residence’s Archive