Passages and Other Hidden Places

The center of the City is adorned by the Austrian-Hungarian architecture of the second half of the 19th century, but what it is unique for are the narrow passages hiding shops, cafés, craftsmen’s workshops… Pay a short visit to some of them and feel at the same time the spirit of the time gone, permeated with a youthful lifestyle. The passages are the places where you can drink coffee in the shade of the linden-trees, read books, chit-chat with passers-by and acquaintances from other street cafés. In the evening hours, these places transform into oases of seduction, entertainment, love and dance.

 Old Crafts Workshops

Danube Street is the center of old craftsmen. Visit the “Manual” Workshop where leather articles are made, and the “Manual” Museum of Forgotten Arts, which has a collection of 150,000 objects testifying to life in Vojvodina. In the immediate vicinity of the workshop, there is “Ivkovic” Atelier and Bookbinder’s Shop – the oldest family manufacture in the city. There are distinct in that they harmoniously unite into one art and craft. Chocolate lovers may visit “Eugen Chocolate” in Petra Drapsina Street; it’s a company producing fine chocolates. Their sweet creations are spiced with fruits, medicinal herbs, fine aromas.

Danube Riverbank

The Danube is awarded the epithet “the sea of Novi Sad”, which was contributed to by the most beautiful “Strand” sand beach, together with the “Danube Quay” Promenade. During the summer, the Strand is the meeting place of the lovers of sunbathing, swimming, sports on sand, of which citizens of Novi Sad most eagerly play the so-called “picigen”, a unique game with a ball in a shallow spot. Opposite the Strand, there is the Fishermen’s Island, a weekend settlement plunged into the greenery, where you can first of all taste the excellent fishermen’s cuisine. The Danube Quay casts a beautiful view of the bridges and the Fortress of Petrovaradin. No matter if you are a lover of biking, driving rollers, playing basketball or mini-golf, or jogging – this is the right place for you.

Fruška Gora

The National Park of Fruaka Gora lies in the vicinity of the city. Mountaineering societies offer trekking in nature to the excursion resort centers of Strazilovo, Popovica, Iriški Venac, Zmajevac…
As many as 30 monasteries were erected on Fruaka Gora in the period from the 15th to the 18th centuries, for which reason it was called “Northern Holy Mountain”. To date, 16 monasteries have been preserved; they are always open for visitors and their beauty and history attract visitors’ attention.
Vrdnik spa, famous for its thermal medicinal water, lies on the southern slopes. The spa has both indoor and outdoor swimming-pools and diverse accommodation facilities.

Wine Routes

Fruška Gora is characterized by an exceptional climate suitable for growing grapevines. Winegrowing in this region is one of the oldest such in Europe given that grapevines have been grown ever since the third century. There are numerous family-owned wineries in the charming baroque-style town of Sremski Karlovci. The typical white wine is Italian Riesling, as well as Traminac, Sauvignon, Zupljanka, Rhine Riesling…
The most famous sorts of red wine are Franconia, Portugieser, Merlot, Probus… The original dessert Bermet wine is sweet, perfumed and aromatic wine produced by a special technology with the addition of as many as 27 species of diverse medicinal herbs and spices. It is unique in the world, and it was a favorable wine at European courts. It was also served on the famous Titanic ship.

Salash Farms

The settlement of Cenej, famous for its salash farms scattered around the plain in a typical Vojvodina ambience is located about ten kilometers away from Novi Sad. The salash farms preserve the spirit of the times gone, the traditional way of living, the proven old recipes for tasty homemade meals, the sounds of the tambura, with a lot of domestic animals around, where you can enjoy horse-riding and fiacre rides in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, and slow down time at least for a moment… You can spend your leisure moments staying in Salash Farm 137, Paja’s Salash Farm, Brka’s Salash Farm, Mita’s Salash Farm, and many other salashes, inevitably having great time with your hosts.

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